How to select a PDU

There are several factors to consider when selecting the APS PDUs, to ensure that the PDU has sufficient capacity for your required application.



Nameplate ratings are a regulatory requirement as well as a design factor; this represents the total current that the PDU will be able to deliver to a load.

The PDU should not be installed in an application where the nameplate ratings are exceeded.



The PDU should not be installed in any application that will exceed the current rating of any individual receptacle. i.e the BS546 (South African style receptacle) is rated at a maximum of 16Amps, the IEC C13 is rated at 10Amps and the IEC C19 is rated at 16Amps.



All APS PDUs are equipped with a Thermal Circuit Breaker, this is used to protect the circuit in the event of an overload or short circuit.


APS is proud to acknowledge that most IT end users in South Africa understand and use products that conform to national and international specifications.

The APS engineering team is dedicated to producing the highest quality products available locally.


See the Guide to Worldwide Plug/Socket Patterns & Power Mains (single phase) (PDF download)