APS Concept PDU Range - 19” Mountable


The APS Concept PDU product family meets the Power Distribution needs of many IT applications. Specifically configured for the growing number of electronic component appliances used in Switching and Server Racks, the Concept Range offers a solution representing quality and performance.

This unit is available from 12 current outlets with IEC 60320 C13 sockets and in a tower length  (38U) with 22 current outlet units using both IEC 320 C13 and C19. This product is also available with a current indicator (LED display) and all units are protected with a thermal resettable circuit breaker.


Supply includes:

  • 1 X Socket strip
  • 4 X Mounting brackets


Power cords are separate items

We offer our range of power cords that will allow connection between any of our PDUs and the mains outlet anywhere in Africa. Country specific cords are available on request.